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Goods for a station / place of business

How does it work? How does a station / an operating location ensure that it gets enough goods?


It takes place in the following way;

  • a station / operating location has a number of freight customers
  • these customers must have brought goods to the companies

Here, the station / operating site must ensure that it has the necessary wagons for this to be possible. (if you don't have enough, you can contact other participants about lending wagons)

  • the station / operating location contacts other stations / operating locations to agree that they either send or receive goods to / from one's station / operating location
  • the wagons to be received are handed over to the other station / operating location
  • the wagons to be dispatched are set up at the owner's station / place of business
  • freight card is made accordingly and the vehicle card vehicle card is inserted


The wagons are sent with the freight trains that commute between the individual stations / operating locations.

Often these freight trains run between the stations / operating locations and a fiddleyard or a larger station that can handle this amount of freight.

Here the wagons are then rearranged for other freight trains which include wagons for other stations / operating locations.

Handling of goods

Subsequently, the wagon is either sent with other loose goods from another supplier, or sent empty to the sender, if the latter has chosen this. See description on the freight card.