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Industry modules

With industry on modules, there are completely different options for tracking. Here it makes sense for the track to be laid in one side of modules, in order to be able to build more or larger buildings so that the area looks inviting. With the module IH-05 where the track is assumed to be on the side of modules, 15 cm from the edge, this is an option for just this.

  • between the 15 cm from edge to track, there is room for a road
  • the track is closest to buildings / fences that separate industry from the track
  • most often these modules are 50 x 100 cm

To give more life, one can even make some transition modules where road and track switch side so that road and track are suddenly in the other side of the module. Most often, these modules will be connected to an existing operating site, where the road and track may be on the other side, but the operation may be better suited from the other side.

Examples of industry

First, a regular siding with loading ramp. Trolleys can be delivered either once or several times during a plan.

Track plan will look like the drawing below. The track can be on a standard module in the middle or on an industrial module.

Independent siding

The loading ramp or storage hall is located by an independent siding with the possibility of bypassing. This means that this siding is not dependent on a nearby station / operating location.

Track plan will look like the drawing below. The track can be on a standard module in the middle or on an industrial module

Independent siding with circulation and sidings for wagons

The model is Rockwool at Øster Doense on the double-track main line in Jutland;


The siding depends on the nearby station to be able to drive there, since a transversal is missing. Since the train came from Hobro, they took a left-hand lane, then backed into the area.

Once the train is on the siding, it can be rearranged so that the train backs out onto the main track and then departs towards Hobro again.

The drawing below shows the track area with recommendation tracks, bypass tracks and unloading option at loading road.

Larger industrial areas

At larger stations with lots of customers, larger industrial areas are often seen. Here we look at the industrial area at Taulov which is operated from Taulov Kombiterminal.


As there are often many different customers, there will also be many different types of carts; open and closed freight wagons as well as tankers.

And since these customers in the industrial area often do not all have their track connection in the same direction, this requires good preparation before driving out with freight cars for the individual customers.