Statutes of "Foreningen For Moderne Modeltog":

§ 1. Name and center of the association

  1. The association's name is: The Association for Modern Model Trains, the association's name is abbreviated FFMM.

  2. The association's home is Kolding Municipality.

  3. The association was founded on 13-03-2013.


§ 2. Purpose and Operation of the Association

The association "Foreningen For Moderne Modeltog" offers interested parties the opportunity to

  1. to increase interest in and disseminate knowledge about model railway operation on modules in the size ratio 1:87, H0 / DCC direct current to the club members.

  2. to provide members with the opportunity to meet and hold events or other relevant activities in accordance with paragraph 1.


§ 3. Membership

  1. Anyone who is interested in supporting the association's purposes and has reached the age of 18 can be admitted as a member.

  2. Membership is valid until the end of January the following year.

  3. Trial period of 6 months from creation of membership. The board approves trial members after 6 months.

§ 3.2 Beginning of memebership

    1. Registration is done by contacting the chairman.

    2. Membership is only valid once the member has paid the membership fee.

    § 3.3 Membership ending

      1. The membership ends with resignation in writing, with a deadline of 6 weeks before the end of the year. Withdrawal is sent to the chairman of FFMM either in writing in a letter or by email.

      2. in the event of non-payment by 01 February for the current year.

      3. by association-damaging behavior or exclusion.

      4. upon deletion of the membership list due to non-payment or upon death.


      § 4. Membership Fees

      1. The annual membership fee is determined by the general meeting.

      2. The quota applies to the calendar year and is charged prior to each financial year.

      3. Quota collection is sent out by the cashier at the beginning of the calendar year.

      4. Contingent must be paid on time no later than 01 February for the current year. In the event of non-timely payment, a member is considered unsubscribed.

      5. The association is not liable for private equipment used at association events.

      6. The individual members can not in any way oblige the club without the authorization of the board.

      For obligations assumed by the club, its assets are liable, and no claim can be made against the individual members and the board.


      § 5. Economy

      1. The financial year for the "Association for Modern Model Trains" is the calendar year.

      2. All members pay a membership fee, which must be paid no later than 01 February of the year in question.

      3. The size of the contingent is decided at the general meeting.

      4. Accounts are presented for approval at the general meeting.


      § 6. Organs of the Association

      1. The Board of Directors convenes the general meeting with at least 21 days' notice by written notice by letter / e-mail.

      2. The Annual General Meeting is held every year before the end of March.

      3. Agenda is attached to the convening notice.

      4. Specific proposals that are to be considered must be received by the chairman no later than 14 days before the general meeting.

      5. The proposer personally presents his proposal at the general meeting.

      6. General meetings can be held partially or completely virtually, provided that members who do not have virtual equipment are offered the opportunity to participate physically.


      § 7. Duties of the AGM

      1. Election of conductor

      2. Report of the Board of Directors

      3. Accounts for the previous year for approval

      4. Processing of received proposals

      5. Determination of contingent for subsequent years

      6. Election of board members and deputies

      7. Election of document controller and deputy document controller

      8. Optionally


      § 8. Voting rights and voting

      1. The members present have the right to vote at the general meeting. Members who are in arrears with contingent and trial members do not have the right to vote.

      2. The members make decisions by a simple majority of votes, except in cases where there are proposals for amendments to the articles of association or dissolution of the association for the vote.

      3. Proposals for amendments to the articles of association can only be adopted by a 2/3 majority of the members present.

      4. Proposals for dissolution of the association or change of the association's purpose may only be adopted at a specially convened general meeting for this purpose, cf. § 9.

      5. Voting takes place by show of hands, but if the chairman or a member so requests, the vote must be in writing.


      § 9. Extraordinary general assembly

      1. Convening takes place if a majority of the board of directors so wishes.

      2. Indkaldelse sker, hvis 1/3 af medlemmerne begærer dette skriftligt til bestyrelsen.

      3. Only members who have been members of the association for at least 6 months may participate in the request and vote.

      4. The extraordinary general meeting must be held no later than 30 days upon request.

      5. At an extraordinary general meeting, only issues specified in the agenda can be dealt with.

      6. Proposals for processing must be received by the Board of Directors no later than together with the submitted request.

      7. Extraordinary general meetings begin with the election of a chairman.

      8. The Board of Directors convenes with at least 14 days' notice by written notice by letter / e-mail.


      § 10. The Board of ”Foreningen for Moderne Modeltog"

      1. ” Foreningen for Moderne Modeltog”s day-to-day management is overseen by the board. The board consists of a chairman, secretary, treasurer and 2 ordinary board members.

      2. The board prepares accounts and budget.

      3. The Board shall adopt its own rules of procedure.

      4. The daily management of the association is handled by the board, which consists of 5 members.

      5. The entire board is responsible for ensuring that grants and designated premises are used in accordance with the Public Information Act and Kolding Municipality's guidelines. It is thus the entire board of directors that must sign the annual accounts.

      6. Board members are elected for 2 years at a time. Re-election can take place. The chairman and secretary are elected in odd years and the treasurer is elected in even years.

      7. Elections to the Board of Directors are valid until the next general meeting, where the item "election of board members" is on the agenda.

      8. Each year, 1 alternate is elected to the Board of Directors, who takes office for the remainder of the election period in the event that a board member resigns from the Board of Directors within the election period.

      9. In order to be eligible for election, the proposed person must be present or there must be a written declaration from the nominee stating that he or she is willing to receive the election.

      10. The Board of Directors determines its own rules of procedure and job description at its first Board meeting, which must be held immediately after the Annual General Meeting.

      11. The Board of Directors is responsible to the general meeting. Decisions are taken by a simple majority of votes and in the event of a tie, the chairman's vote is decisive.

      12. Board meetings are held as often as the chairman or 2 board members deem necessary and convened with at least 7 days notice.

      13. The Board of Directors is entitled to exclude a member if it deems it necessary, but the member in question has the right to present the matter at the next general meeting.

      14. The chairman has the right to subscribe for the association.


      § 11. Amendments to the Articles of Association

      1. Amendments to the articles of association can be adopted at a general meeting when the proposal in its full wording together with written motivation has been sent out so that it is available to the members with the same notice as the convening notice.

      2. Proposals for amendments to the articles of association which are to be considered at the annual general meeting must be received by the chairman no later than 1 January together with a written motivation for the proposal. Suggestions and motivation must be sent out as stated above.

      3. Proposals for amendments to the articles of association can only be adopted by a 2/3 majority of the members present.

      4. Proposals for changes must be presented at the general meeting by the proposer.


      § 12. Dissolution of the association

      1. The dissolution of the association can only be adopted at a general meeting with only this one item on the agenda, where 2/3 of the voting members are represented and 3/4 of the votes cast are in favor. If 3/4 votes are obtained for a resolution, but without 2/3 member representation, a new general meeting is convened, where 3/4 votes for the proposal must be obtained among those present.

      2. The association's assets are realized and the profit goes to Kolding Hospital Hospital clowns.


      § 13. Amended

      1. Thus adopted at the inaugural general meeting on 13.03.2013

      2. Amendments adopted at the general meeting on 17.02.2016

      3. Amendments adopted at the general meeting on 11-02-2021

      4. Amendments adopted at the general meeting on 03-02-2022