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Club standards


The standard FREMO norm.


H0/DCC with Roco Z21 booster and/or LocoNet Chief.

We use FREMO simple hand controls.


Standard Fremo modules with standard profiles. We drive on single and double-track modules.

Form of contruction

In FFMM we make "walk-around systems" - this means that the locomotive driver walks along the system and controls the train.


We use tracks in Code83. We prefer to use Tillig switches EW3 and EW5 / EW6.


Season: Late summer


All side and main track modules should be equipped with daylight signals. These have the advantage that DSB has not removed or replaced them since they were built. Thus, driving is possible in all time periods.

Rolling stock

All rolling stock that is brought and used at the association's events belongs to the individual members.

The rolling stock must be equipped with a usable bracket coupling (we recommend Fleischmann 6511) and marked with ownership.

Wheel types are NEM and RP-25.

Light wagons must be weighed up so we avoid derailments.