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Module profiles

Module profiles are available in a large selection. And if you need something special, just cut it loose.

In FFMM, we orient ourselves according to FREMO´'s norms. Thus, we have also determined what the track and drillhole in the profile look like. However, we can easily make a stretch / operating site where only the end profile at each end is standardized, and the rest in between is free imagination.

Profile appearance

It is a bit self-evident to build there according to the Danish model, then large mountain landscapes from Norway, for example, will not be the right thing to do.

Since Denmark is flat, there will not be large fluctuations in the route, however, some intersections of the landscape can easily be made. And railway bridges also exist.

Profil længder

Enkeltspor profiler = 50 cm

Dobbeltspor profiler = 54,5 cm

Typical end profiles

Typical end profiles for the Danish landscape are:

  • flat end profile
  • end profile with slope
  • intersection

Special profile

  • staggered height of double track