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What is FFMM ?

FFMM - Foreningen For Moderne Modeltog, FFMM - Foreningen For Moderne Modeltog, is founded for the model railway people who want to run modern model trains from the 1990´s onwards.

In FFMM we work from FREMO´e norms on module construction and builds modules for operation on module systems. This means that we can easily take the modules to other events at home and abroad.

Why FFMM ?

We are a couple of people who had a desire for an association that could run modern operation according to FREMO standards on modules. We achieve this through 2-3 events a year. At these events, we set up as a starting point with our own stations and operating locations. However, we also invite like-minded people to participate so that we can achieve greater and more opportunities for modern operation.

We meet monthly to talk planning, future projects and general train talk.

Geographical location

FFMM is resident in Kolding Municipality. However, it is not crucial for a membership of FFMM that you live in Kolding Municipality. We currently have members spread across most of Denmark.

We hold our association meetings in KUC, Kolding Municipality Education Center, Aagade 27, 6000 Kolding. Here, the municipality makes meeting rooms available, which in turn means less expenses for the association.

Our meetings are held partially or completely virtually, depending on the circumstances.

KUC is within walking distance of Kolding Railway Station.

Club standards and Association goals

Here you will find our Club Standards and Association Goals