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Transport of modules

A good question, which can also be rephrased as; how are modules stored..?


The module concept is based on each owner having their modules at home, perhaps in a common room with others. But regardless, they must be stored and transported without being destroyed.

Depending on how one's storage premises are arranged, whether it is in a basement with stairs, an outbuilding or in a rental room, the first step is to ensure an even temperature all year round.

Wooden modules work if they get wet, rails rust if they get wet, cables can be destroyed by pests....  There are many possibilities.

Transport fittings

Transport fittings are among the options;


  • modules are assembled 2 and 2 - with the surface facing each other
  • modules are safe in storage and can be stacked
  • modules are safe during transport
  • often several people are needed for handling

Transportation cabinets

Transport cabinets are one of the options;


  • modules are safe during storage
  • modules are safe during transport
  • a cabinet should be able to be handled by 1 person (depending on size)
  • use large easy rolling wheels