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FFMM - 10 years

FFMM - Foreningen For Moderne Modeltog was founded in 2013. 10 years have passed with lots of experiences with modern model trains.


During these 10 years FFMM have managed (Sep. 2013--Jul. 2023)

  • held 17 events
  • set up 2515 meter modules
  • completed 103 driving sessions
  • run 4807 trains
  • 205 operating stations have participated

Where the first years were spent building modules, the development in recent years is that the amount of modules has increased enormously. And new expansions are constantly in the pipeline.

In order to better organize events, the necessary equipment was acquired. This means that we can now hold events without having to borrow equipment.

The fact that, as a bonus, there are quite a few people, some even come from far away because they have discovered what we do and want to be a part of it, is just wonderful. This not only provides extra modules in the hall, but also friendships across national borders.

Thus, this summer we held our 10-year anniversary meeting over 5 days with lots of driving in the time period 2008-2015.